An overview of bone marrow transplant

What is a bone marrow transplant? It is stated to be a medical procedure, where the bone marrow is replaced which has been destroyed or damaged by infection, disease or chemotherapy. During the course of this procedure, blood stem cells are transplanted that make its way towards the bone marrow whereby new blood cells are produced and growth of new bone marrow is ensured. The bone marrow is a fatty, spongy tissue inside your bones. In fact the following components of your blood are created

  • RBC that is known to carry nutrients or oxygen throughout your body
  • WBC that is known to act against infection
  • Platelets that leads to formation of plots

During this procedure, the damaged stem cells are being replaced with healthy ones. Your body is in a position to produce more white blood cells along with red blood cells. The health stem cells could emerge from your own body or you can rely on outside help of a donor. In such a situation stem cells could be grown or harvested before any form of radiation treatment is started. These health cells are then stored and used during the course of transplantation.

The reasons for a bone marrow transplant?

The main reason on why this transplantation is performed, when the bone marrow of an individual is not healthy, and is not in a position to function in a proper manner. There are numerous reasons on why this form of transplantation is needed

  • The bone marrow could be damaged due to chemotherapy
  • Certain type of cancers that affect the marrow
  • Cell anaemia(sick) that is a major blood disorder lead to the formation of misshapen blood cells.

Complications expected during the course of a bone marrow transplant

Since it happens to be a major medical procedure, there is an increase in terms of risk associated with

  • Nausea or pain
  • Higher blood pressure levels
  • A situation of shortness of breath could be experienced
  • Fever or chills

All the above mentioned symptoms could be short in duration. A bone marrow transplant could pave way for a lot or complications. It is dependent on a host of factors

  • The age and overall wellbeing of your health
  • The disease for which you have been treated
  • The transplantation procedure that you have been part of

All these complications could be serious or mild in stature

Why India for bone marrow transplant?

The cost of bone marrow transplant in India is less compared to the advanced countries of the world. In the advanced western countries and when you compare it to India savings of close to half the amount emerge. No wonders to the fact that cost of bone marrow transplant is drawing in patients from all over the world. Coupled with the fact the hospitals of the country are world class in terms of infrastructure and can be compared to the best in the world. Even the doctors receive accolades for treating the patients in aprofessional manner.

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