Enjoy the London trip with luxurious accommodation facilities

When you are planning for a trip to London, you should check the places where you can stay to enjoy the trip. You should keep in mind that the hotel facilities should be good to stay comfortably in a new place. You should not compromise with the accommodation in foreign to fit your in budget. If you don’t stay comfortably you may not be fit and fine to enjoy the trip. So you should select a place where you can stay comfortably to enjoy the beauty of London. You should keep another point in mind that is the location of the hotel where you are going to stay. The location of the hotel should be good and it should not take much time to reach at the places to visit in London. You can go through the online site like clondoncity to know about the best hotels near London.

Best places to stay in London

There are many hotels in the capital of England where you can stay luxuriously and enjoy every corner of the city. The list of the best hotels is listed below.

Premier Inn – Gravesend Central

This is one of the most attractive hotels in London with a nice view of Woodlands Park. This hotel is full of modern facilities like free wifi connection for the guests, clean bathrooms, Television and more in the rooms. The outer side of the hotel allows free car parking. You can get to know about the location of the hotel from the online site clondoncity. The hotel is located on Wrotham Road and 20 miles away from the central part of London.  This hotel is also facilitated with restaurants for delicious food. The overall rating of the hotel is very good and you can stay here comfortably and securely to enjoy your trip.

Rowhill Grange Hotel

This is another attractive hotel situated in the town named Dartford. The town is in a part of northwest of Kent. The hotel is not only facilitated with modern accommodation but the Roman theme of the hotel can make you impressed. The hotel offers push beds to sleep comfortably, modern bathrooms with marble flooring, free wifi for entertainment and more.

Best Western Donnington

This is a hotel located in Sevenoaks where you can stay comfortably while exploring London. The hotel is special for its old and new combination of country house. The looks of the outer wall of the hotel can make you confused as it looks like a place of 17th century. But the rooms of the hotel can make you satisfied by providing the modern facilities like wifi, air condition, television and more.

Langshott Manor Hotel

This is another hotel which is located in London and looks like a stunning place to stay. The hotel is decorated with the green park and lawn. The hotel rooms are clean, modern and well maintained. Free wifi facility, coffee machine and more equipment have made the hotel more attractive and comfortable. The restaurant at the hotel can help you to get the flavor of the foods of the city as well.

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