Finding an answer to productivity and attendance problems

Employee time tracking software

Managers and team leaders might have tried to get to the root cause of the troubling employee attendance problems and efficiency issues, and might have ended with more confusion in the end finding no answers to these problems. The answer to these entire questions lies in an employee time tracking software. Learn More here.

Recording of useful data

It starts with recording of employees logging in and logging out timings along with the total break time that were taken and also number of breaks, i.e. the effective time an employee has actually spent on desk performing the tasks is recorded in the form of data in the software. Throughout the time period of a particular project the complete data is recorded in same manner on every working day.

With all the required data being recorded by the software all a manager needs to do is simply click on a mouse to derive the necessary information from it; the information is presented in simple way like charts and graphs which help in easy understanding. Anyone using this information can comprehend it because of the simplicity in the presentation. All the facts and numbers are crunched in such a manner that it gives a meaningful insight into the data and it is used for better decision making or say for reaching the root causes of the problems that had troubled the managers for long. Learn More by clicking here.

Cost benefit analysis

Time and cost are directly proportional to each other, if given project requires more number of hours for completion then the cost that are associated with the project also go up. But the quantification of the time that a project will consume is the foremost step in evaluation the cost of the project. This quantification of amount of time that will be consumed by a project will be done only through an employee time tracking software. It makes the job of the managers more easy as the profitability of the projects can be better assessed using the cost and benefit analysis.

Once the cost benefit analysis is done, the quality of decision making by the decision makers improves significantly as it is based on facts and recorded numbers rather than assumptions, the chances of a wrong investment decision being taken leading to huge losses or decrease in the productivity come significantly down.

If a project is beneficial the decision makers can go ahead with it, and if it is not going to be beneficial, not giving the required profit margins then the organization can negotiate with the clients for better deals or shun the project without causing losses.

Employee time tracking software provides simple solutions to the complex problems which a manager faces in daily activities, they can now be solved with a simple click of a mouse and without wasting much of time on interpreting the complexities of the numbers and huge data that needs to be simplified to be useful as all this is done by the software itself.

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