Guidelines to Write an effective MBA Dissertation Proposal

A good dissertation highlights the researcher’s research i.e. objectives, findings, and the conclusions. A dissertation process is generally taken for the personal reasons or for obtaining a professional degree or qualification. If you are an MBA student and looking to write a MBA dissertation proposal then you should stick to certain guidelines to produce a marvelous piece of content.

But before you start writing a dissertation, it is important to get your dissertation proposal verified from the supervisor so that you can start working on it. The dissertation proposal must be written nicely. The length of proposal should be not too long, though there are no hard and fast rules for it. But an ideal proposal must be at least 20 pages long covering the major features of your dissertation. Here are some of the effective guidelines to write an ideal MBA dissertation proposal.


In the introduction, you must summarize the reasons of your research on the topic that you have chosen. It must highlight the problem statement and should give a brief overview of dissertation proposal. You should remember that the introduction you have written must not be too long that it starts boring the readers. Minimize the use of words and use some influential words that can build the interest of the readers.

Problem Statement

The researcher must explain the importance of a problem and what is the need of conducting research. It is the part based on context written in the introduction of your MBA dissertation proposal.

Review of Literature

This section should analyze the research of some other researcher that is carried out by other researcher on the same topic of yours. It is really useful for finding the differences and the similarities with your research. It even provides you the base on how the research is undertaken previously and how it should be carried further.

Methodology Used in Research

You should clearly indicate the base for entire research and focus on hypothesis. It should state the number of people on which the research has been conducted and most importantly the way used for collecting the data for your research.

Bibliography & Time Management

This section focuses on list of references (magazines, newspapers, periodicals, websites etc) that you will be referring during your research to prepare the dissertation. You should also indicate the time till when the dissertation will be completed by you as it will be taking a longtime to be completed and the supervisor has every right to be informed.

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