How Can You Remove Safari from Apple Mac OS X

Safari is the default app that is pre-installed on Mac so you will get an error whenever you drag it to the Trash can to uninstall it. The error message will tell you that you don’t have permission to remove the Safari browser because deleting it means you are removing critical files that are necessary for other applications on your Mac to run optimally.

Many people don’t prefer Safari as their browser because it faces bug issues such as quit unexpectedly when you are in the middle of browsing or slow webpage loading. Keeping the Safari browser doesn’t take up much space on your computer but you can remove it to make your computer more organized since you are not going to use it. There are lots of other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox that is better than Safar. If you prefer another browser, you can have the Safari browser uninstalled with a Mac Cleaner software like Movavi Mac Cleaner.

After launching Movavi Mac Cleaner, you must wait a while for it to scan the computer. Once the scan is completed, you must go to the Uninstaller menu on the left and click on the OS X Apps tab. Under the OS X Apps tab, you are to look for the Safari application. You can right click and select arrange by name or alphabet if you have difficulty locating the Safari application. You are to check the Safari checkbox and click on the Remove button to remove Safari from the computer. Clicking the remove button will completely remove the folder and all the Safari app files that are installed on your computer. You can always reinstall the Safari browser if you want.

Movavi Mac Cleaner is easy to use for uninstalling all kinds of applications besides the Safari app. Some of the default system apps that it can completely uninstall from your Mac computer are iPhoto, iBook, and iTunes. The Uninstaller section not only lists the OS X apps but it also list other apps that it suggests you to delete. Apps that you seldom use or have not use for a long time will be listed under the tab. It only takes a few clicks to completely uninstall an app on your computer.

In the Uninstaller tab, you will be able to see how much space the app occupies. In this way, you can determine which apps to uninstall to regain back the exact amount of spaces on the hard disk. You can check more than one apps to uninstall with the use of Movavi Mac Cleaner. It is able to uninstall multiple apps with ease without causing any lagging issue. Uninstalling apps that you are not using can help you to save a lot of spaces on your computer. When you have more spaces on your hard disk, everything will run faster on your Mac computer. You won’t face any lagging problem when you are multi-tasking. You can quickly get your work completed when your computer is running faster.

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