The Rise of Computer Based Assessments

With the rise in competition for all major positions, it has become more important than ever to have a reliable testing platform that is secure and can be accessed by all. The possibility of creating advanced computer based assessments in order to conduct various high stake examinations online has made the entire process easier and more reliable. Most of the technology driven companies, universities and certification bodies internationally have started to use such platforms for their assessments.

Why Switch to a Computer Based Assessment?

  • Reduction in Cost and Overheads

Conducting an examination traditionally involves various costs that were incurred while procuring the required physical examination centres and related logistics. It also involved a great amount of human resources in order to ensure the process was carries out properly.

  • Assured High Quality, Auditability, and Authenticity

The technology used in the online exam software ensures that the test is completely secure and cannot be leaked. Moreover, the process of auditing it is also made much easier.

  • Better Use of Time

The platform ensures that the test can be scheduled according to the organizations preference and moreover, the results can be generated instantly and the delay in releasing results is removed.

Features of the Test Platforms

  • Ensuring Integrity of the Candidates

The test uses proctoring technology that can work flawlessly even with over 100 candidates. It ensures that a zero tolerance policy to dishonestly can be maintained – no matter the scale of applicants.

  • Multiple Platform Compatibility

To ensure that the candidates are completely comfortable as well, the assessments can be given on the preferred device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile. The tests can be conducted seamlessly and the entire process can also be simplified.

  • Multiple Authentications

By employing various mechanisms available such as one time passwords, biometric verification and IP authentication, any alternate tampering with the system are eliminated. The number and type of check and balance used can be changed according to the preference of the organization.

  • Support to Multiple Languages

To ensure the comfort of organizations that function on a global scale, the assessment platform has been made multi-linguistic. The assessments can be given in any language that is preferred.

Online Certifications

Through using the test platform, it is possible to customize and administer every level of the examination cycle. The integration of various simulation based tests make it possible to measure even advanced skills. The payment platform is also simple and secure. The assessment solutions can be used for software certification, learning management system (LMS) integration, industry course certification and as practice platforms. Through the use of the assessment platform, scaling up the examinations is made vastly easier.

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